‘Smeared II’


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72dpi eflyer 1980 pix


PLACEing Objects 2020

SpudWorks Gallery, Sway

Steel / FIL Cattle Marker / Cement weight / Blue Chemicals Barrel / ‘BOVINE The Dairy Lexicon’ and a selection of agricultural handbooks


PLACEing Objects brings together 16 artists who share a willingness to dance on the edges of artistic practice. By paying attention through the senses, listening and creating new combinations, they each aim to establish a personal encounter with places.

Objects and materials, texts and performative acts, are allowed to enter the space between the human body and site, combining like ingredients, to create a new choreography of exchange, response and meaning.  The locations themselves, with all their elements, forms, traces, narratives and histories are welcomed in, to contribute to equally, demonstrating a shared openness towards outcome.

PLACEing Objects is curated by Julie Brixey-Williams