Artist bio & CV

Adam works to unpick the discordant images, ideas and perceptions of the rural from the sub-urban/urban perspective in relation to the realities of modern British agriculture. Growing up between suburbia and a dairy farm, Adam positions himself in conversations that intersect the boundaries of rural and urban. It is this juxtaposition of worlds that fascinates Adam to open up dialogues to understand the relationships of people, places, processes and animals that are often intentionally masked from the urban. The core of his practice is rooted in the exploration of reclaimed materials, often sourced from dairy farms. Adam’s sculptural installations have made use of faecal strewn steel, bale twine and cattle mattresses carefully assorted with consumable products such as cattle marking paints. In the careful curation of these materials and objects, the work begins to explore the exchanges that take place in the rural through the performed language sets of stock judging. The Stock judging lexicons have become of significant interest to Adam in developing recent work sculptural installations.

In addition to the core of his practice, Adam regularly undertakes collaborative enquires to contextualise and reflect on his practice. This has taken form in experimental conference papers, community based multi-sensory projects, public engagement/outreach work and artists residencies. Adam has worked with a number of key stake holders to undertake collaborative work including The British Council, independent arts centres, institutions and museums such as the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) and with academic experts in their field including Ciara Healy and a newly developed partnership with Dr Orla Shortall.

Solo shows

2021               Smeared 1B Window Gallery, Walthamstow

Selected group shows

2020                PLACEing Objects spudWORKS, Sway, Hampshire (Feb)

2018                The Sand Box – Coding with Clay collaboration with Jon Lockhart, Museum of English Rural Life, Reading (April – June)

                         Alumni Day University of Reading (June)

2017                ELIA Online Festival ELIA Creatives

                         System Sliced Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot (Aug-Sept)

                         SPOIL HEAP Wiltshire Museum, Devizes (July-Sept)

                         SEVEN HOUR RENDERThames Tower, Reading (June)

                         Condensed Milk Degree Show, University of Reading(June)

                         MFA InterimUniversity of Reading (Mar)

                         CLUB COLLECTIVUMCopeland Gallery, London (Feb)

2016              Being In PlaceWASPS Studio, Dundee, Scotland (Nov)

                         No ConnectionUniversity of Reading (Nov)

                         Times. Common. Future. Wuhan New World Times Art Centre, Wuhan, China (Oct)

                         Food in the FrameInstitute of Education, University of Reading (Sep)

                         Dusk Degree Show University of Reading (June)

                         MFA Interim ShowUniversity of Reading (Mar)

2015                Destination NatureUniversity of Reading (Oct)

                         TOB1 Degree ShowUniversity of Reading (May)

2014                24hrs Under The ArchBeaconsfield Gallery, London (Jan)

2013                Midterm undergrad shows: ceramics, casting and fabrication University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA (Nov)


Conference papers

2021                 Alter-rurality: Art and Agriculture, my PhD paper presented at ‘The Rural Reimagined: Scotland’ Perth (Oct)

2020                The Passage of Transference: Economies of Agri-language paper presented at symposium ‘PLACEing Objects: Day of Dialogue & Dialectics’ spudWORKS, Sway (Feb)

2017                Agri-Language: Dairy presented at Thames Tower conference ‘Unnaturally Occurring Compliance’ University of Reading PhD Symposium (June)

                         In the Flesh: 3D Scanning and Printing presented at ‘Digital Takeover: A MERL Late’ for Museums at Night in collaboration with Dominique Green (May)

2016                Already the World: A Post-Humanist Dialogue presented at ‘Being In Place: The Highs and Lows of Sited Practice’ University of Dundee in collaboration with Ciara Healy (Nov)

                         Already the World: A Post-Humanist Dialogue presented at ‘AlterRurality3: Field Work’ GMIT Letterfrack, Ireland in collaboration with Ciara Healy (June)

Performances and Screenings

2020                PLACEing Objects performance ‘Stock’ collaboration with Oren Shoesmith, spudWORKS, Sway, Hampshire (Mar)

2017                Cross Multi Inter Trans: Biennial Conference of ASLE-UKI with Land2, Conference and arts exhibition – film exhibited ‘Hold. Test. Empty. Remove. Repeat.’ collaboration with Ciara Healy, Sheffield Hallam University (Sept)

                         SPOIL HEAP Film screening – film exhibited ‘Hold. Test. Empty. Remove. Repeat.’ collaboration with Ciara Healy, Wiltshire Museum, Devizes (July & Sept)

2016                Performance Workshop performed ‘Milk. Mamals.’ University of Reading (Feb)




TOB1, 2015, BA Degree show catalogue


The Friends of the University of Reading – Funding award July 2016

Carter Memorial Degree Show Prize – Awarded June 2015, University of Reading


UoR Field School Artist in Residence Marden Henge, Wiltshire (July 2016)

ArtLab @ Marden Henge UoR Field School Marden Henge, Wiltshire (July 2017)

UoRtWuhan supported by the British Council, University of Reading, University of Wuhan, New China World Land Ltd. at Wuhan University, China (May – October 2016)