Artist CV

Group Shows 


  • The Sand Box – Coding with Clay collaboration with Jon Lockhart (April – June 2018), Museum of English Rural Life, Reading 
  • Alumni Day, University of Reading 
  • NSEAD Conference, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 


  • Cross Multi Inter Trans: Biennial Conference of ASLE-UKI with Land2 (September 2017), Conference and arts exhibition – film ‘Hold. Test. Empty. Remove. Repeat.’, Sheffield Hallam University.
  • ELIA Online 2017 Festival, ELIA Creatives 
  • System Sliced (August-September 2017), Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot 
  • SPOIL HEAP (July-September 2017), Wiltshire Museum, Devizes 
  • SPOIL HEAP – Film screening (July & Sep 2017) Wiltshire Museum, Devizes 
  • SEVEN HOUR RENDER (June 2017), Thames Tower, Reading 
  • Condensed Milk (June 2017), Degree Show, University of Reading 
  • MFA Interim (March 2017), University of Reading 
  • CLUB COLLECTIVUM (February 2017), Copeland Gallery, London 


  • Being In Place (November 2016), WASPS Studio, Dundee, Scotland 
  • No Connection (November 2016), University of Reading 
  • Times. Common. Future. (October 2016), Wuhan New World Times Art Centre (UoRtWuhan), Wuhan, China 
  • Food in the Frame (Sep 2016), Institute of Education, University of Reading 
  • Dusk Degree Show (June 2016), University of Reading 
  • MFA Interim Show (March 2016), University of Reading 


  • Destination Nature (October 2015), University of Reading 
  • Interim and Degree Show (Mar/May 2015), University of Reading 


  • 24hrs Under The Arch (Jan 2014 & 2015), Beaconsfield, London 


  • Mid term undergrad shows: ceramics, casting and fabrication (Nov 2013), University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA 

Special Projects 

  • VR Quad Bike – a project commissioned for PurpleStars by The MERL (Jan 2018 – September 2019)
  • Reading Assembly, ArtLab @ Tate Exchange, Tate Modern (Jan 2018 and Feb 2019). Led and assisted visiting schools workshops 
  • ArtLab @ Marden Henge UoR Field School (July 2017) 
  • ArtLab @ Wiltshire Museum (July 2017) primary schools workshop, Devizes 
  • ArtLab @ Big Band Big Lunch (June 2017) Exhibition event, University of Reading 
  • ArtLab @ Museum of English Rural Life (May 2017) Digital Late Exhibition, University of Reading 
  • UoRtWuhan (May – October 2016) University of Reading and University of Wuhan, China (British Council Funded) 


  • Unnaturally Occurring Compliance (June 2017), paper: Agri-Language: Dairy, presented at Thames Tower, University of Reading PhD Symposium. 
  • Digital Takeover: A MERL Late for Museums at Night (May 2017), paper: In the Flesh: 3D Scanning and Printing, presented at Museum of English Rural Life in collaboration with Dominique Green. 
  • Being In Place: The Highs and Lows of Sited Practice (November 2016), paper: Already the World: A Post-Humanist Dialogue, presented at University of Dundee in collaboration with Ciara Healy. 
  • AlterRurality3: Field Work Letterfrack (June 2016), paper: Already the World: A Post-Humanist Dialogue, presented at GMIT Letterfrack, Ireland in collaboration with Ciara Healy. 


  • Carter Memorial Degree Show Prize – Awarded June 2015, University of Reading 


  • UoR Field School Artist in Residence (July 2016) Marden Henge, Wiltshire