Project FEED

Project FEED was the title for a commissioned piece of work which responded to the research project Cow’s Eat Grass, Don’t They? by Agricultural Sociologist Dr Orla ShortallThe James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen. The research was commissioned by The British Academy and was featured in The British Academy Summer Showcase in June 2021.

The aim of Project FEED is to create a short film that both highlights and celebrates the diversity of dairy farming in the UK and Ireland. Project FEED asked UK and Irish dairy farmers to participate by contributing short video clips of their farms. The goal was to simply answer the question: ‘What does a modern dairy farm look like?’, and contrast this with the geo-economic and geo-political individuality that uniquely positions all dairy farms despite their visual similarities.

To gather content from farmers across the UK and Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic, I produced a filming instruction booklet to guide farmers in what video clips to shoot. Each farmer was sent this instruction book in the post with a box of Porsham Cakes brownies.