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Documentation of project group 'Bodies'

We started to explore forms and ideas of what a body is in the initial three-week exchange in the UK. Over the summer period I began to incorporate agriculturally based research related to the language structures that form and categorise agricultural bodies. These language structures of bovine bodily categorisation (stock judging manuals) we appropriated with Sarah Coe’s research of online digital personas, often fashioned using social media profiles. The homogenising modes in which digital technology operates to create virtual human bodies juxtaposed against the language of diary farming and processing acts, such as milking, helped us explore and raise questions of vanity. Sarah and I worked closely to make a film to present as part of our group installation in Wuhan. Our Chinese collaborators developed different structures to house and show the video, which we would then construct with them in Wuhan. Upon arriving in Wuhan and re-uniting with our Chinese collaborators I led our group through the construction processes and stages we would undergo to construct the large screening booth proposed for the installation. It was necessary to make several modifications during the construction and installation process and I was able to successfully lead our group through these practical decisions.