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UoRtWuhan 2016

‘UoRtWuhan’ was an exchange project specially created by the British Council’s China office to build cultural relations between the UK and China. The prestigious Chinese building company New World China Land hosted and backed the project alongside the University of Reading and Wuhan University. New World China Land were in the process of building a new residential development in the rapidly growing city of Wuhan, with an arts centre situated at the heart of the development. As part of the company’s strategy to build a culturally diverse community UoRtWuhan was one of a number of arts and cultural projects commissioned. The project initially started in the UK for a three-week period in early summer of 2016 where architecture students from Wuhan University visited Reading and undertook a number of research trips around the country. During this time both students from Reading and Wuhan collaborated in a number of exploratory and experimental art workshops. These workshops helped shape four different themed groups from the co-hort titled: Bodies, Transformation, Sound and Recycle. The aim of the exchange was to explore both the Eastern and Western ideas of architecture and art culminating in an exhibition at the newly built 'Wuhan New World Times' arts centre in Wuhan. After the project groups had been formed work continued over the summer to formulate an art proposal for the exhibition in late October. Students from Reading would then spend 3 weeks in Wuhan with their Chinese collaborators in autumn 2016 at the arts centre to realise their group projects and open the show.

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